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The goal is to prevent the next security breach

Utilizing advanced cybersecurity tools, the Israeli company Sayfer assists large financial organizations, fintech companies, and digital wallets by simulating real attack scenarios to ensure their security

Ronen Bar-Tal, in collaboration with ICBW3. 03 September 2023

Nir Duan
Nir Duan | Photo: Gan Shay

In the cybersecurity realm, companies frequently simulate attacks on their systems and infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and prepare for various attack scenarios. Sayfer, an Israeli company, has developed expert techniques for breaching financial organizations using advanced cyber tools to simulate real attack scenarios and ensure their security.

Founded in 2020 by Nir Doan, who serves as CEO, and Or Doan, Sayfer currently employs about 15 people. The company adds over 15 new clients each month from across the globe and takes pride in being profitable from day one, having never raised external capital. 'We have been operational for four years and have managed to sustain and grow solely through our earnings, without external funding,' states Nir Doan.


What solutions do you provide to your customers?

"The company prepares organizations for cyber threats by conducting security tests that simulate real cyber attacks, helping to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors. Our clients are innovators developing breakthrough technologies, and they rely on our expertise to ensure their systems are secure. Currently, we provide services to top-tier companies globally, including fintech unicorns, the world’s largest digital wallets, and one of the largest financial companies in Israel. Our client base is diverse, ranging from large corporations to small startups."


What does the competitive landscape look like in your industry?

"There are several large companies worldwide that offer similar services to ours, but these are massive organizations that have raised millions of dollars. Consequently, the competition is fierce, particularly in marketing. Fortunately, our work speaks for itself. To date, we have secured over a billion dollars for our clients by identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities before hackers could exploit them."


What challenges do you believe are facing your industry?

"The main challenge in the industry is ensuring accountability; specifically, guaranteeing that a marketed project meets certain standards, such as those related to security."


What are your expectations of the regulators?

"Our expectation from the regulators is to lower barriers and facilitate the development of the industry in Israel. For example, we hope for regulations that would allow the integration of cryptocurrencies, in compliance with established standards, into the Israeli banking system."


What is your vision?

"Prevent the next security breach, and the one after that too".

In collaboration with ICBW3.


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