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Supports law enforcement authorities in eliminating serious criminal activities

The Chainalysis Investigations team has been instrumental in intercepting over $11 billion in unlawful cryptocurrency transactions. Additionally, they have played a key role in blocking the transfer of digital currencies between Hezbollah and Iran

Ruth Noy, in collaboration with ICBW3. 03 September 2023

Aviad Ben Horin
Aviad Ben Horin | Photography: Yael Tzur

Aviad Ben Horin, the director of Chainalysis's public operations in Israel, plays a crucial role in overseeing the company's strategic engagements within the country's governmental and public sectors. With a background as a software developer and a specialization in cybersecurity, Ben Horin has transitioned into the cryptocurrency sphere. He describes Chainalysis as a trailblazer in blockchain analysis, aiming to transform the internet by providing comprehensive insights into blockchain transactions. "We've constructed the most detailed and reliable knowledge graph for the blockchain, pushing the internet into a new era akin to the revolution brought about by search engines for Web 3.0," he states.

What does working with the public sector mean?

Aviad Ben-Hourin elaborates on Chainalysis's pioneering role in blockchain analytics, emphasizing the company's unmatched expertise and the extensive database they've amassed through years of diligently collecting and labeling blockchain activities. "As frontrunners in this domain, our longstanding efforts in tagging and tracking blockchain services have equipped us with the most expansive database for linking crypto transactions to real-world entities. This robust data foundation has enabled the Chainalysis Investigations team to facilitate the recovery of over $11 billion in illicit crypto transactions, including a landmark seizure of nearly $40 million stolen by North Korean hackers from Ronin Bridge," he details.

Ben-Hourin further highlights the practical applications of Chainalysis's technology in national security efforts, referencing recent accolades from influential publications. "Fortune magazine recently spotlighted the testimony of Paul Lands, who leads the Israeli National Headquarters for Economic Combating Terrorism. Lands credited Chainalysis's technology as instrumental in disrupting the transfer of digital currencies between Hezbollah and Iran, showcasing our capabilities in tracing such activities," he adds.

Chainalysis serves a diverse array of public sector clients across 50 countries, a testament to the global effort to combat criminal activities facilitated through blockchain technology and the increasing interest in digital asset regulation. The company provides these government agencies with powerful tools and comprehensive data to aid in their investigations.


One of the key tools offered by Chainalysis is the Chainalysis Reactor, an investigative software designed to connect real-world illicit activities with cryptocurrency addresses and transactions. This software has become indispensable for leading law enforcement agencies worldwide, assisting in the tracking and analysis of criminal operations and terrorist financing on the blockchain. Chainalysis's commitment to offering detailed, actionable intelligence makes it a daily resource for these agencies, cementing its status as the most trusted solution in the field.


By equipping law enforcement with such advanced analytical capabilities, Chainalysis plays a crucial role in seizing billions in crypto profits from darknet marketplaces, dismantling platforms involved in illicit trades such as the Silk Road, and contributing to the shutdown of sites engaging in child sexual abuse.

What is your vision for the future?

Chainalysis envisions a future dominated by blockchain, where cryptocurrencies transform the movement of value to become as instantaneous and universal as the internet did for information. Recognizing the pivotal role of the public sector in realizing this future, Chainalysis is intensifying its engagement with government entities.

"Last year marked a significant step in this direction with the launch of Chainalysis Government Solutions. This subsidiary is tailored to meet the specific needs of US defense, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies, embodying our commitment to bolster the public sector's capabilities in navigating the crypto landscape," explains the company.

Chainalysis's efforts to broaden its services reflect an understanding of the evolving requirements of law enforcement, national security bodies, and regulatory authorities. By offering an expanding suite of solutions, Chainalysis aims to equip these agencies with the tools necessary to ensure the safety, security, and regulatory compliance of the burgeoning crypto ecosystem.


In collaboration with ICBW3.


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