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In 2021, some $30.2 billion was invested in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web 3.0 companies worldwide, while $1.726 billion was invested in Israeli companies in the field, constituting approximately 5.2% of the total investment in these companies in the world.

However, it isn’t easy to operate in Israel. Numerous companies report encountering significant difficulties, and some take their activity out of Israel.

To allow this industry to flourish, the Crypto Companies Forum was established, founded by the companies and organizations leading the cryptocurrency,
blockchain, Bitcoin, Web 3.0, and the metaverse industry in Israel, among which
are: Aleph, Bits of Gold, Blox, Collider Ventures, Dcentralab, Fireblocks,, Fuse, and the Israel Bitcoin Association.

What is stopping the industry?

Procrastination or overall refusal to open bank accounts for cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, blockchain, and digital currency companies.


Inability to comply with the laws and regulations and pay taxes.


Government statements about projected increases of the regulatory burden in the field are unsupported by details of the planned regulation.

Companies Forum:
A roadmap for an 
Open and Free Crypto Industry in Israel

Politics & crypto | What did the MP's have to say>>

Founding members

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Our goal: an Open and Free Israeli cryptocurrency industry within the next decade

  • Israeli: The companies founded by Israelis will keep operating and succeeding. We aim to keep them Israeli and allow them to pay rent, salaries, and taxes here, in their home country.

  • Within the next decade: A decade from now, our world will be completely different. The opportunity is now, and it is not to be missed.

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