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SSV: The Protocol That Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

When Ethereum's blockchain security protocol underwent significant changes, agile developers quickly seized the monumental opportunity, banding together as an open-source community to develop the unique SSV (Secret Shared Validator) protocol. This innovation not only enhances Ethereum's decentralization but also cements Israel's status as a global frontrunner in cutting-edge blockchain technologies

Ruth Noy, in collaboration with ICBW3. 03 September 2023

Alon Moroch
Alon Moroch | Photo: PR

Around three years ago, one of the most pivotal revolutions in the blockchain era unfolded. The Ethereum blockchain, ranking as the industry's second-largest, experienced a profound transformation: it shifted its security mechanism from the traditional mining method, which demands massive computational power and considerable energy consumption, to an innovative security method known as staking. This new approach dramatically reduces energy consumption by 99.5%.


"This shift heralded a once-in-a-generation opportunity," declares Alon Moroch, CEO and co-founder of Blox ( "Virtually overnight, the entire Ethereum mining sector vanished, giving rise to a burgeoning staking industry. This represents a massive opportunity for the entire industry."


Moroch, who has a background as a developer and is a seasoned advocate in the blockchain space, has an extensive understanding of Ethereum. He has previously contributed code to Bitcoin and now dedicates his expertise to the blockchain domain. Alongside his partners and numerous Israeli developers, he embarked on developing a distributed protocol known as SSV, established as an open-source initiative by a broad community. "This protocol lays the groundwork for a decentralized infrastructure designed to secure Ethereum staking, offering a user-friendly platform that enables any developer interested in creating an application to do so with ease. With the decentralization of the SSV protocol, Ethereum becomes more resilient and accessible. This project is the collective effort of a community of tens of thousands, and we play a significant and active role in its advancement.

What success is expected from the new protocol?

The success of the new protocol is expected to drive significant adoption, with tens of percent of current staking leveraging this technology, translating to tens of billions of dollars in the coming year or two. The primary aim is to establish a robust infrastructure that fortifies Ethereum and the broader blockchain ecosystem. With the staking industry valued at approximately 40-50 billion dollars annually, developers are eager to tap into this market by creating tailored applications and competing for funding. The SSV protocol offers developers an easily accessible infrastructure capable of integration with other protocols or services, thus catering to their needs for simplicity and compatibility.

Furthermore, the protocol's success is anticipated due to its alignment with the core principles of decentralization, which is paramount in the blockchain realm. A decentralized protocol minimizes reliance on centralized entities, a fundamental aspect of Ethereum's success. The highly decentralized infrastructure of the SSV protocol contributes to Ethereum's resilience by enhancing its decentralization, thereby fulfilling its promise of being a decentralized platform.

The staking market's vastness underscores the significant demand for solutions. Presently, numerous companies are actively constructing and advancing our protocol. We've initiated grant programs to encourage developers to innovate atop the protocol. Additionally, we've attracted venture capital funds to invest in blockchain projects and solutions built on our protocol. The potential is immense, and we're merely at the outset of this journey.

A magnet for engineers and developers

Blox, headquartered in the Sharona Center in Tel Aviv, operates under the motto "Powering Decentralized ETH Staking." Currently employing 50 individuals, the company is actively recruiting new staff, with a focus on engineers and researchers. As a distributed infrastructure technology firm, Blox specializes in developing and enhancing the SSV protocol.

Moroch emphasizes Blox's integral role in the SSV project, a collaborative effort involving numerous companies. The project includes a wallet with virtual currencies designed to promote the protocol, through which Blox can receive grants from the community. This collaborative approach is pivotal for advancing the industry.


How actively is Israel currently engaging in and promoting the crypto space?

The Israeli high-tech sector is deeply immersed in the crypto world, possessing a thorough understanding of digital currencies. This sector has widespread influence and is familiar to many here. It represents the forefront of technology, attracting engineers, academics, programmers, artists, and researchers. Numerous initiatives have emerged from this space. Currently, it predominantly appeals to people aged 20-40. However, based on my decade of experience in the industry, I've observed its demographic broadening. As the sector matures, its significance will grow, eventually engaging even those in their 60s. This evolution mirrors the adoption of computers and the internet, which initially captivated a limited audience before becoming universally embraced.

"The local industry in Israel plays a crucial and significant role in the global crypto industry. Companies like Blox, which have global outreach, originated here, showcasing Israel's intellectual and technological strengths in this arena," he continues. "As a start-up nation, Israel is expected to lead and constantly innovate, qualities that the crypto industry fully supports. Furthermore, Israel is a global leader in cybersecurity, with innovations like the SSV protocol providing solutions for blockchain systems, especially Ethereum. Engineers who have transitioned from the traditional high-tech sector to ours cite innovation and the opportunity to create a new world as their main motivators. They're drawn by the potential to develop products of the highest quality and reliability."

And what is your vision for the SSV protocol?

"This protocol represents something far greater than just its individual components. Its success directly contributes to Ethereum's strength, decentralization, and user base expansion. By enabling broader participation, the SSV protocol opens the doors for many more users to explore the fascinating world of blockchain."

In collaboration with ICBW3.


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