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The bridge for transferring digital assets between blockchains

DcentraLab develops Web 3.0 products for the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors, primarily a bridge that facilitates the rapid, cost-free transfer of digital assets to other infrastructures.

Yoel Tzafrir, in collaboration with ICBW3. 03 September 2023

Eitan Lavie and Erez Ben Kiki
From the right: Eitan Lavie and Erez Ben Kiki | Photo: Private

Founded in 2017, DcentraLab develops Web 3.0 products for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. All of its products utilize a distributed blockchain infrastructure. Erez Ben Kiki, the founder and current CEO, leads a team of 45 employees. The company's products are used by about 20,000 users worldwide, managing over $100 million in assets. 'Blockchain's incredible infrastructure serves as an open, innovative layer for fast, transparent information exchange globally. We offer various products that leverage this to create value for our users,' says Erez Ben Kiki.


What technology sets the company apart?

"We offer several technologies and products, with Chainport being our flagship. This technology enables the transfer of digital assets across different blockchains, which typically operate as closed data systems. Our solution acts much like transferring Teva shares from the New York Stock Exchange to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, where the same stock trades on two different markets. We facilitate these transfers between networks at zero cost. We utilize this technology to manage currencies and assets across multiple infrastructures simultaneously, or when there’s a need to switch to a different infrastructure—for example, if a Uniswap currency opts for a blockchain that is cheaper, faster, or has higher liquidity, or if it is better aligned with the regulatory requirements of a specific country. This allows the asset to exist on several blockchains at once, giving the owner the flexibility to choose the most suitable infrastructure."


What other products are you developing?

"Another product is called TokensFarm. It's basically a platform for smart contracts, a kind of WIX for smart contracts. We have four different templates and we customize according to the customer's needs contracts for locking or distributing tokens and increasing liquidity. Another product is called HORD - an ETH staking platform that allows investors To act like Bitcoin miners, that is, to participate in the ability to run the Ethereum blockchain. With us, you can participate for a small amount, compared to the other platforms, and you receive interest from the operation of the network. We are a kind of bridge between the users and one of the hottest areas in the blockchain industry. Wines and is the activation of validators in the Ethereum network. We allow them to take part in this technology in a simple and easy way, and receive their relative share of the reward."


Who are your customers?

"Our primary clients are other cryptocurrency companies and projects that have tokens. They utilize our services for both customer-facing and internal needs."

What is the vision?

"Our goal is to grow alongside the blockchain industry, developing and leading with innovative products that create opportunities for companies and users of cryptocurrency technology worldwide."

In collaboration with ICBW3.


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