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Manage digital assets in a secure and safe manner

GK8 is a leading company in the field of digital asset management, providing institutional clients with a self-custody solution that offers the highest level of security. It is the only solution available on the market capable of creating, signing, and sending blockchain transactions without an internet connection

Alon Bar-Ziv, in collaboration with ICBW3. 03 September 2023

Lior Lamesh and Shahar Shamay
From the right: Lior Lamesh and Shahar Shamay Photo: PR

GK8 is a leading technology provider for institutions and organizations that want to own and manage their digital assets with the highest available security. Founded in 2018 by Lior Lamesh, who serves as CEO, and Shahar Shamai, the CTO, both are cybersecurity experts formerly with the Prime Minister's Office's cyber division. The company's solutions have been adopted by numerous clients worldwide, managing assets worth billions of dollars. Currently, GK8 employs over 50 people in its offices in Tel Aviv and globally. In February 2023, Galaxy, a public company specializing in financial services and digital asset management, completed its acquisition of GK8.

"In 2022, billions of dollars were stolen from the crypto market. The market still does not fully understand the extent of the threats and therefore struggles to manage risks effectively," state Lamesh and Shamai. "This lack of clarity leads to confusion and a proliferation of inadequate security solutions. Digital assets, unlike fiat currencies, require a different security approach. GK8 offers the most secure self-managed solution for institutions. Our technology minimizes exposure to third-party risks and includes a patented cold vault (Cold Vault) that never connects to the internet, making it impenetrable, and a warm wallet (MPC) that distributes private keys to reduce hacking risks and unauthorized access. Our unique cold vault is the only market solution capable of creating, signing, and sending blockchain transactions offline.

It is complemented by a high-performance MPC solution for automated, frequent transactions. Additionally, GK8 enables clients to generate new revenue streams from digital assets through trading, staking, tokenization, DeFi, NFT support, and more.

Among our global clientele are Itoro, Prosgor, and Galaxy. The first federal bank in the US to offer crypto services selected GK8's solution for its blockchain-based offerings. 'Financial institutions, particularly given last year's events, realize the importance of managing their digital assets internally to minimize third-party risks as much as possible,' Lamesh and Shamai emphasize.


What about the regulation?

"Although cryptocurrency aims to modernize and address the deficiencies of the traditional financial world, it still has a significant journey ahead. Decision-makers must adapt regulations to the new era and continue to protect investors' rights."


What is the company's vision?

"Our mission is to provide organizations with tools that enable them to manage their digital assets securely and safely, while also creating new revenue streams through the adoption of digital assets."

In collaboration with ICBW3.


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