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Infrastructure for smart Ethereum transactions

Kirobo makes it easier for developers and merchants to enter blockchain development with its innovative smart transaction infrastructure. One of the company’s key strengths is enabling the launch of applications in the field without extensive financing or lengthy development times

Daniel Even-Hen, in collaboration with ICBW3. 03 September 2023

Kirobo has developed an innovative technology that allows for the creation of smart transactions beyond traditional smart contracts. This technology facilitates the rapid development of complex applications and enhances trading capabilities in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Founded in 2018 by Assaf Naim (CEO) and Tal Asa (CTO), Kirobo currently employs 17 people and has generated sales of five million dollars. The company has raised seven million dollars, in addition to receiving about $2.5 million in grants from the Innovation Authority

Assaf Naim
Assaf Naim | Photo: Private

Asa explains, 'Our specialty is developing an infrastructure that enables transaction-level logic creation. This technology allows for development on Web 3.0 with the speed of Web 2.0 and doesn't require audits. It's also accessible to developers without Solidity expertise. We've successfully integrated Bitcoin's transaction-level logic into Ethereum, leveraging the full capabilities of Ethereum's smart contracts. This integration facilitates quicker deployment of new features. The impetus for this breakthrough was Kirobo's own needs, as a company that has developed dozens of smart contracts. Our solution not only empowers developers but also enables merchants to create sophisticated and complex transactions. This allows them to seize opportunities and generate revenue more quickly, efficiently, simply, and profitably. The technology is already being actively distributed in the market and is available to both merchants and developers. We will soon launch a marketplace to connect advanced merchants and developers with end users.

Tal Asa
Tal Asa | Photo: Private


What is the competitive environment in which you operate?

"Kirobo operates in a highly competitive market dominated by smart contracts and trading bots, where large trading entities traditionally hold a significant advantage over ordinary traders. Our technology levels the playing field, equipping ordinary traders with the same capabilities as professionals, while also enabling professionals to capitalize on immediate opportunities at lightning speed. One of the key benefits we offer our customers is the ability to launch applications quickly and without extensive funding or lengthy development periods. Our SDK allows for the rapid deployment of functional applications in just a few days or even hours—tasks that would typically take several months and tens of thousands of dollars. Another significant opportunity for us is in smart wallets. In 2019, we developed our own smart contract wallet technology, which is in line with industry trends. This means any user adopting a smart wallet can easily integrate our technology without the need for adjustments."


What is the company's vision?

"Our goal is to make blockchain development as fast and accessible as in Web 2.0, while simultaneously enabling merchants to maximize profits, capitalize on opportunities, and minimize losses."

In collaboration with ICBW3.


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