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Game experience and user motivation the company that builds infrastructure for the gaming industry

Israeli company Ovio addresses challenges in the gaming economy. 'Our vision is to give players the freedom to transfer assets between games, fostering growth across all games and the gaming economy overall,' says Nir Hauer, CEO

Sa'ar Bar-Dayan, in collaboration with ICBW3. 03 September 2023

Nir Hauer
Nir Hauer Photography: Yael Tzur

In the gaming industry, both user acquisition and retention are universal challenges. These issues are magnified in blockchain games due to the complexity of the technology, user experience issues, and prevailing skepticism among players and companies. Established in 2022, the Israeli company Ovio addresses these challenges with a technology that enhances user experience and supports all game types, making it the world’s only platform versatile enough to handle any underlying technology.

'Ovio is a foundational platform that drives higher growth and profitability for both traditional and blockchain-based gaming companies,' says CEO Nir Hauer, who co-founded the company with Niv Nachmani (CTO), Yogev Regev (COO and CSO). He notes that the gaming market has seen a growth slowdown for the first time in a decade, with conditions worsening in the blockchain gaming sector. 'Web 3.0 games require an understanding of complex concepts that shouldn't burden the average person,' he explains.

'The lack of regulation and numerous detrimental incidents within the blockchain and cryptocurrency realms have fostered skepticism, complicating operations for blockchain gaming companies and hindering user-driven growth. While many platforms focus solely on financial elements like token trading and NFT sales, Ovio supports both the games and the players, facilitating industry-wide development. We are committed to producing quality content and enjoyable gaming experiences, encouraging players to engage for fun rather than quick financial returns, a trend that has dominated the industry for years.'

Who do you target? What are your primary markets?

"In a single word: everyone. Ovio targets anyone with a mobile device or computer who enjoys gaming, whether it's blockchain-based or not. We partner with the world's largest and leading gaming companies, both in traditional games (Web 2.0) and blockchain games (Web 3.0). We aim to simplify the experience for game developers working with Ovio and for players, who can enjoy all the benefits Ovio provides when playing through our platform."


What are the main challenges facing the industry today?

"The main challenges include regulatory issues and technological complexities, despite significant improvements in user experience, and, of course, a problematic reputation. We anticipate that regulators will provide clarity and certainty. This is essential for entrepreneurs and companies to develop products and services in the field effectively."


What is your vision?

"To elevate the gaming economy to the next level by enabling players to transfer the value they possess, in the form of coins or other assets, between games."

In collaboration with ICBW3.


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