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We promised to update, and here it is: good news from the Economy Committee

According to the order of the chairman, Knesset member David Bitan, there will be a discussion on the banks' blocking of crypto companies in the committee within three months, including a report from the Bank of Israel. Here is a brief explanation of why this is so important.

At the beginning of the year, a survey was published on the forum examining the banks' conduct vis-à-vis the crypto companies in Israel. About 35 senior managers and decision-makers in companies related to the crypto sector participated in the study. 80% of the senior managers of the companies in the market claimed that the company suffered real financial damage as a result of dealing with the banks. About 66% stated that the banks asked to disconnect the account from crypto activities, and 75% of them indicated that the banks tried to make them understand, explicitly or by implication, that it is not possible to carry out operations with money derived from digital currencies.

So what should be done? Provide access to basic banking services. And this is what the Knesset is working on.

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