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The Innovation Department of the Bank of Israel is publishing a survey for RegTech companies

As part of the steps taken by the supervision of banks to encourage innovation in the financial system in Israel, including promoting collaboration and enhancing interfaces between the banking system and technology companies, a survey is being conducted among job holders in RegTech (Regulation Technology) companies. The survey will help understand whether there are barriers to implementing innovative technology-based applications within regulated financial institutions and using them to meet regulatory requirements and compliance and reporting obligations, whether they were developed by the financial institutions themselves or by third parties (hereinafter referred to as RegTech). Additionally, the survey will help us understand if there are ways to promote collaboration between the banking system and RegTech companies.

It is important to fill out the survey as it influences policy decisions based on these surveys.

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The crypto industry in Israel continues to grow

A new report from the Crypto Companies Forum reveals interesting data about the crypto industry in blockchain and web 3.0 in Israel. The forum's findings ar e based on information from various sources


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